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Time Team
New 2005 Series
On Channel 4, from Sunday 2 January 2005 at 5.00pm

A New five-part Series
On BBC 2, from Monday 3 January 2005 at 7.00pm

What the Romans Did for Us
What the Victorians Did For Us
Short extracts from the Series
On BBC 2 - various days & times

(Check schedules for programme times)

The Big Monster (Dinosaur) Dig
A seven-part Series
French Dinosaur Eggs
Shown on Channel 4, Wednesday 29 December 2004 at 3.10pm
Not archaeology but for those with a Dinosaur interest

A New 20-part Series
Presented by Dr David Starkey
Death of a Dynasty (6)
Shown on Channel 4, Monday 22 November 2004 at 9.00pm
The series will continue in 2005

Britain's Real Monarch - repeat - Shown 20.11.04
Leonardo's Dream Machines - two-part repeat - Shown 3.04.04
Queen Of Sheba - repeat - Shown 17.04.04
The Minoans Shown 23.10.04
Richard III (Fact or Fiction) Shown 20.11.04
Wren: The Man Who Built Britain Shown 25.04.04

Series Status
The late Fred Dibnah
BBC News Tribute
New series started 16.09.04
New Series shortly
  Time Team   
2005 Series from 2.1.05

A Century of Troubles - Last Repeat of series - shown 3.07.04
A History of Britain - Daily Repeat of series - shown Xmas 04
Ancestors - Last of series - shown 27.03.04
Battlefield Britain - Last of series - shown 24.09.04
Blood of the Vikings - Last Repeat of series - shown 11.05.04
Brilliantly British - Last Repeat of series - shown 6.05.04
Britain AD - Last of series - shown 20.09.04
Britain's Best Buildings - Repeats of series - shown 11.04 & 12.04
Extreme Archaeology - Last of series - shown 8.08.04
Hidden Treasures (Metal Detecting) - Last Repeat of series - shown 27.07.04

Landscape Mysteries - Last Repeat of series - shown 8.07.04
London - Last of series - shown 21.05.04
Lost Buildings of Britain - Last of series - shown 23.02.04
Men of Iron - Last of series - shown 23.02.04
Pagans - Last of series - shown 9.08.04
Restoration - Series II (2004) - "The Grand Final Winner" - shown 8.08.04
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World - Daily Repeat of series - shown Xmas 04

The Road to Riches - Selected Repeats - Shown in the BBC Education Zone 08.04
Time Flyers - (Aerial archaeology!) - Series II - Repeat - completed 25.05.04
Trains with Pete Waterman - Last of series - shown 17.10.04
Two Men in a Trench - Series II - Last of series - shown on 1.04.04
What the Industrial Revolution Did for Us - Repeat - completed 8.04.04
Weapons that made Britain - Last of series - shown 7.08.04
World's Worst Century (14th) - Last of series - shown 4.10.04
Worst Job in History - Last of series - shown 2.10.04
Wreck Detectives (Marine archaeology) - Series II - Last part - shown on 19.9.04

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A New five-part Series
On BBC 2, from Monday 3 January 2005 at 7.00pm

Britain's cathedrals rank amongst the world's finest buildings. More than just architectural masterpieces, they have provided the backdrop and focus to the nation's belief. The House That God Built tells their story, revealing the faith behind the foundations.

The Series:
Murder at Canterbury (3.1.05)
Redemption at Lincoln (10.1.05)
Flood at Winchester (17.1.05)
Rebellion at St Giles (24.1.05)
Fire at York (31.1.05)

Visit BBC History and the Cathedral website for further information

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The Big Monster (Dinosaur) Dig
A seven-part Series
French Dinosaur Eggs
On Channel 4, Wednesday 29 December 2004 at 3.10pm
See below for programme change
Special "Dig" programme
On Channel 4, Thursday 30 December 2004 at 3.15pm
Not archaeology but for those with a Dinosaur interest

Lucy Taylor, Big Monster Dig presenterA seven-part series of programmes that bring fossils back to life. Learn about the monsters that once roamed the Earth, find out about the experts who make up the Big Monster Dig team and discover how to start fossil hunting yourself.

Presented by Lucy Taylor, with Dr Sarah Gabbott, Professor John Howell and Dr Dave Martill

Iguanodon (18.08.03): The discovery of iguanodon remains on a beach near Hastings. The team already had half a dinosaur, so finding the rest shouldn't have been too hard, should it? Well, it probably wouldn't have been if the other half hadn't been stuck in a cliff nearly 30 metres above the beach!
Pterosaur (25.08.03): The team visit the Isle of Wight to examine the finds of a local fossil hunter who has unearthed some puzzling 128-million-year-old pterosaur remains. What will the palaeontological sleuths discover about their origins?
Spanish Sabre-Tooth Cats (1.09.03): In this programme, the team visit the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees to investigate some mysterious mounds of mud in which prehistoric remains have been found. Among their discoveries is the jaw of a savage sabre-tooth cat - but how did such remains find their way into the strange mounds?
Leedsicthys (8.09.03): The team head to Peterborough to investigate a six-metre fish head which has been discovered in the 155-million-year-old Jurassic clay that surrounds Peterborough.

Only parts 1-4 of this series had been shown so far. Channel 4 had advised that due to unforeseen circumstances the final episodes (5-7) were being rescheduled for Spring of 2004! The programme below was originally scheduled for 15.09.03 but withdrawn and replaced prior to broadcast.

French Dinosaur Eggs (29.12.04 at 3.10pm): For years, experts have been mystified by the 72-million-year-old eggshell fragments that are revealed in the vineyards of Campagne-sur-Aude, France, whenever it rains. This programme attempts to determine which creature laid the eggs - dinosaurs, turtles, crocodiles or giant birds.

(Special) Dinosaur Detectives - The Dorset Dinosaur (30.12.04 at 3.15pm): A look at the mystery of how the remains of seven dinosaurs came to be in Dorset - an area that would have been under the sea 200 million years ago. Experts Dr Dave Martill, Dr Sarah Gabbott and Dr John Howell join presenter Kate Humble to look at the evidence.

Visit Channel 4 History and The Big Monster Dig website for further information
For more Dinosaur information visit the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs website

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Time Team
on Channel 4

 Time Team Logo 
'Click' for web site New 2005 Series
(13 programmes)

Sunday's at 5.00pm

Visit the Channel 4

Eleventh (2004) Series : 13 programmes
Last one shown on Sunday 28 March 2004 at 5.05pm

 2004 Specials
"The Real King" (2001) Shown on Sunday 1 August at 6.30pm
"D-Day: 60th Anniversary" Shown on Monday 31 May 2004 at 9.00pm
"Ightham Mote" Shown on Monday 3 May 2004 at 9.00pm
"Loch Tay" Shown on Monday 19 April 2004 at 9.00pm
"Steel City" Shown on Monday 22 March 2004 at 9.00pm
"The wreck of the Colossus" (2002) Shown on Sunday 29 February 2004 at 6.30pm

Tenth (2003) Series : 13 programmes
Last one shown on Sunday 30 March 2003 at 5.35pm

 2003 Specials
"Xmas Specials 2003" - shown 29 December 2003
"The Big Dig" (Canterbury) (2002) Shown Saturday 30 August 2003 at 7.30pm
"Hadrian's Well" Shown Thursday 10 April 2003 at 9.00pm
"Londinium, Edge of Empire" (2002) Shown Thursday 3 April 2003 at 9.00pm

The Big Dig - 28/29 June 2003 - The Main National Event!
The final two days following a week long prelude of daily programmes which started on Sunday 22 June at 5.35pm with hour weekday updates at 8.00pm. Visit the website and get all the latest News, progress reports and details of all the sites and finds!

" YAC Branches at: Time Team Shoots ! "
During the filming of the 2003 series, nearby Branches were invited to attend the shoots. These were for the following programmes; 26 January 'The Giant's Grave' (Shetland), 2 February ' Joust dig it' (Central Southern England & North Downs), 9 March 'Rescuing the dead' (Falkirk). The 2 February programme was filmed at the Greenwich Naval College, London, during July 2002 and was the first trial invitation. Unfortunately numbers to attend from both Branches was restricted and at short notice - some 5 days! 10 members from this Branch attended. The group was lead by Alan, ably assisted by Jill & Louisa. Did you see the 2 February programme? Who spotted the Branch members?

Time Team Xmas 2002 - programme Listings
20, 27 & 29 December 2002

Time Team 10th Anniversary Special
Shown Friday 27 December 2002 at 5.55pm

Time Team Digs - Friday's at 8.00pm.
Tony and the Team went back, by way of the numerous digs over the last ten years, to some of their finest discoveries in the fields and gardens of rural and urban Britain.

One - The Bronze Age (1.11.02)
The Iron Age (8.11.02)
Three -
The Early Romans (15.11.02)
Four -
Roman Britain (22.11.02 - 7.30pm)
Five -
The Dark Ages (29.11.02 - 7.30pm)
Six -  Medieval England (6.12.02)

Programme Seven (13.12.02) - The Modern Era Tony Robinson, with the help of David Gaimster from the British Museum, looked back at what Time Team had learned about the modern age in digs from the past ten years.

Programme Eight (27.12.02 - 6.55pm) - The Norman Conquest The focus was on the Normans and the castles they built, including Alderton, Bridgenorth and Beaudesert.

Fact or Fiction: King Harold - Shown Friday 27 December 2002 at 8.00pm
Tony Robinson investigated. He travelled around England and northern France to discover how we have ignored a great British hero since 1066.

A Time Team 2001 Special
- Shown Sunday 29 December 2002 at 4.55pm
Tony Robinson and Phil Harding travelled to the Rocky Mountains in Montana, USA, for this special programme on dinosaurs and the 'dinosaur hunters' who discover and dig up their fossil remains. The methods used by the dinosaur hunters turned out to be very similar to those employed by archaeologists.

Ninth (2002) Series : 13 programmes
Last part - Sunday 31 March 2002 at 5.05pm
The story of -
Live 2001 - see below

2002 Specials
HMS Colossus - Shown Thursday 31 October 2002 at 9.00pm
Londinium (City of London) - Shown Monday 22 April 2002 at 9.00pm
The Big Dig (Canterbury) - Shown Monday 15 April 2002 at 9.00pm
Time Team Classics 2002
Maryland USA (Series Four - 1997)
- Shown Sunday 23 June 2002 at 6.30pm
The History of Britain - Shown Monday 6 May 2002 at 4.40pm
(This was a further chance to see this Time Team Special)
2001 Specials - Repeats
The Island of the Eels - Shown Monday 29 April 2002 at 9.00pm
The Bone Cave - Shown Friday 20 December 2002 at 8.00pm
Past Specials
Visit Past Programmes for Links
A complete programme list is available !

" Time Team Live 2001"
Missed the TV programmes!
The Dig report with All the News!

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Interested in Marine Archaeology ? - here is an introduction !
Also visit the Channel 4 Science website & the Wreck Detectives programme

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