Young Archaeologists' Club
Central Southern England Branch

Meeting's Programme 2000

All meetings are held on Saturdays at the Archaeology Centre
4-10 London Road, Bagshot, Surrey GU19 5HN
starting at 10.00am and ending at 1.00pm

Details of the year's meetings can be found in the following table:

The year's theme for Senior Members is:
"The History of Surrey Heath"

Members are requested to pay 50p when attending each meeting and are advised to wear old clothes, as some activities can sometimes be just a little dirty.

Date Junior Members 9 - 12 years Senior Members 13 - 16 years
January 15 Normans - Bayeaux Tapestry Dark Ages - Pagans v Christians
February 12 Medieval - Ecclesiastical art and designs Saxon Society
March 11 Medieval - Heraldry Vikings
April 8 Medieval - Castles and Knights Norman Conquest
May 13 Tudors and Stuarts - Portraits and Architecture Medieval Agriculture - Scraping a living
June 10 Tudors and Stuarts - Exploration and Sea Charts Medieval - Locals v Kings
July 8 Civil War Reformation
August 7 - 11 one week special course one week special course
September 9 China - Terracotta Warriors / Jade Princess mask Tudor and Stuart Life
October 14 China - Dragons and Willow Pattern Civil War
November 11 Victorians - Victorian Childhood Highwaymen and the Great West Road
December 9 Victorian Christmas Party Victorian Christmas Party


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