Michigan State consists of two peninsulas surrounded by four Great Lakes. It has 11,000 inland lakes, 36,000 miles of rivers and streams and four distinct seasons all adding up to one of the most desirable year-round vacation destinations in the USA. Visit the Michigan Historical Center at the State capital Lansing and learn about Michigan archaeology. There are continuing excavations at Colonial Michilimackinac - see update for further details. Also visit the Secretary of State website for access to general information about life in Michigan.

Travel Michigan is the official source for travel and leisure in Michigan. Visit the official State of Michigan web site for all other information.

Michigan's location in the heart of the Great Lakes region gives it a moderate climate that is unique to the Midwest - a coastal climate in the heart of a continent.

The average (high / low) temperatures for July / August are:
Upper Peninsula (74 / 52F);
Northern Lower Peninsula (80 / 57F);
Detroit area (83 / 60F).

Note: Temperatures in Fahrenheit still predominate in the USA.

Take a look Now at the Local Weather in Wolverine, and at nearby Petoskey or Mackinaw City

Time Zone:
Eastern Standard Time (EST: - 5 hrs from GMT) applies to Michigan except for some Western counties in the Upper Peninsula which are in Central Standard Time (CST: - 6 hrs from GMT).

Daylight Saving Time (the equivalent of British Summer Time):
This is in operation throughout the Summer.

Sales Tax:
Michigan Sales Tax is 6% which is added to the ticket price of any item you see in the shops. Food items purchased in stores are tax free.

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