Travel to the USA - Information Guide

Passports & Visas:
All travellers to or through the USA require a passport and it must normally be valid for at least 6 months after the planned departure date from the USA (see also entry under the visa waiver programme).

In general, all travellers to or through the USA also require a Visa, unless you qualify under the visa waiver programme.

If you are a UK citizen you do not normally need a Visa, where the purpose is for tourism or business and the duration of the visit is less than 90 days. This may qualify you for visa free travel under the visa waiver programme. Further help, advice and information is available from the US embassy London.

Citizens of other countries may also be entitled to visa free travel; please check with the appropriate US embassy.

Full information on entry to the USA may be obtained from the Department of State and the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

All flights are on scheduled airline services and arranged through an Air Tour Operator who holds an ATOL, for your protection. All airlines used participate in the visa waiver programme. For operational reasons, a touchdown or change of aircraft en-route may be necessary.

The standard is 110 AC, 60 Hz. Electrical equipment from the UK will not work unless they have built in dual voltage capability. A flat 2-pin adapter would also be required. Most light bulbs use the ES fitting.

TV and Video Tapes:
Television standard in the USA is NTSC, the UK standard is PAL and the French standard is SECAM.

Outside of Canada and Japan (where the standard is NTSC) most Western European countries and many others of the World adopted the PAL standard. In much of Eastern Europe the adopted standard is SECAM. Thus any video tapes purchased in the USA may be incompatible with your Home countries TV standard.

(Most "modern" VCR's purchased in the UK, however, have an NTSC "playback" facility - but check before considering tape purchase. Residents of other countries should check equipment locally for compatibility).

In general, with Music CD's there are no compatibility problems, but for Computer Game CD's or Enhanced Music CD's you should check your equipment specification.

There is not an agreed standard. In addition, the present generation of DVD's and the associated playback equipment have to be purchased in the same part of the World as each item contains a digital code which will not allow world wide use - the World has been divided into Regions and only items purchased in the same Region will be compatible.

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